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Melbourne Take Two!

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Our last post covered our introduction to our second time in Melbourne. We were settled in Essendon, Ben was back at work and Anna was a lady of leisure.
After Ben's first week back, which was only a 4 day week, he only reached 52% of his target. This had a negative effect on him as he thought he had lost the fundraising power! As some of you may remember from last time, if you don't make target... you don't keep your job!
Our Irish Airbnb hosts were very lovely and laid back. However they were bloody loud! Francis woke up at 4am every morning for work. Perhaps he felt we should all wake up with him as every morning it sounded like he was moving furniture around the apartment! We did hint that we could hear all through the walls, but this didn't get us very far. Perhaps Francis was giving us payback... one day Ben was sitting on the toilet and poor Francis was scarred for life after accidentally walking in on him. That taught Ben to check the door is locked!!
Ben's friend Alex and Lizzie paid a quick flying visit to our house on their way to the great ocean road. This is the 3rd state we have met them in. We worked out we would be in Tasmania at the same time too... so bring on the 4th!
That weekend we had made plans with our old Airbnb host, Katie. And what did we do? We went to Rice Paper Scissors of course! After having serious withdrawal symptoms, it was great to over indulge in the best Asian on earth! We also decided to gatecrash her movie plans that evening as we wanted to watch the same film. We went to a lovely little boutique cinema to watch Arrival. For those who haven't seen it, we would recommend a watch!

That weekend we also finished our entries for the ING Creatives competition. To read more about the competition, see the link below:

It was back to work for a worried Ben. He wasn't very good at working on Doctors without borders but luckily for him, on Monday morning he went in to discover he had been moved to Bush Heritage. He absolutely smashed his target and even made a little bit of bonus!

Anna was at home being as productive as she could. Cleaning, doing the washing, food shopping and cooking wasn't very satisfying so Anna instead decided to get more creative! She managed to plan 4 photoshoots.
1. Event photography at the Australian Open
2. Corporate shots for Make Up By Nita
3. A portfolio fashion retro sports shoot
4. Beach shoot for her aspiring model friend Chris
She started applying for jobs in Perth and managed to get two photography job leads. Anna also spent a lot of time working on our social media sites for both Where We Went and AB Studio. She created 4 maps, free of charge for Instagram users who had a lot of fans.
You can see our work by visiting our Instagram pages:
We still need to edit images from two of the shoots and so stay tuned for those shots!

Anna eventually took time out from being a computer wiz to see her friend Suzi. Suzi worked in the Cafe where Anna worked last time we were in Melbourne. They shared a long leisurely lunch catching up on all the missed out gossip from the cafe - surprisingly there was a lot... it was like a TV Drama! Lying, cheating, stealing.. they had it all! There was that much exciting gossip that Anna felt the need for a lie down. On St Kilda beach to top up the old tan. That evening Anna met Ben in the city so get communal hair cuts, how cute!

Friday of that week, Anna was due to meet Ben in the city for lunch. She decided she couldn't be bothered going into the city but would meet him on his afternoon break instead as she had some shopping to do for upcoming photoshoots. That lunch time, Ben headed to the park, ate his sandwiches and headed back. This is normally a pretty uneventful weekday routine. Unfortunately this time, right outside Ben's work were a lot of injured and dead people. The Bourke street mall crash had happened minutes before he walked around the corner.
It was a pretty traumatising day for everyone in Melbourne. 5 people have now died from this one mans actions. It was very upsetting for us both as we now know a lot of people in Melbourne and some of them were actually on Bourke street as it happened. Anna headed into the city to meet Ben on his break, it wasn't long before the city was evacuated and Ben wasn't allowed to leave his building until the end of the day. There were some not so pretty sites on the pavements outside. Anna decided to head to Chapel street to continue her shopping there, away from the very sad site :-(

That evening we both needed a big cheering up. Ben met Anna on Chapel Street and we both went for tacos and beers! We then met up with Ale who we shared our Airbnb with the last time we were in Melbourne. His Italian humour never gets old and it was just what we needed! We laughed away over a $40 bottle of red as we taught Alessandro some cockney rhyming slang!

The following weekend we had the corporate shoot with Nita. The shoot went really well and we met up with Alex and Lizzie for Grill'd burgers after. They had come back to the city to see it properly. We headed back to our place to edit the shots from the days work. We had a few issues with the image handover from Nita as she completely changed her mind last minute, but we managed to smooth out a deal and she has used the images on her new website. That weekend we also discovered we had to apply for Working With Children's checks for the event photography we were doing at the Australian Open. This was extremely stressful as it was so last minute but we managed to make it all happen as smoothly as we could.

We were now the lowest on money we had ever been the whole ten months we had been in Australia. We actually only had $20 left. This was due to poorly timed payments. It was a long and hard waiting game for pay days! Not having any money didn't time well for Australia day. Most people spend the day drinking, at parties or going to big events. We had a day watching Netflix and then headed to St Kilda to watch the little penguins. We were sat waiting for dusk for about two hours before we realised there was one under the bench we were sat on!


We didn't actually stick around to watch the Penguins come back from the days fishing as it wasn't a very nice environment to be in. After visiting Phillip Island, we were saddened to see tourists standing on rocks trying to take photos of the baby penguins, drinking alcohol and being really loud and also walking along the beach where the penguins were expected to run out onto. At Phillip island everyone was strictly told not to take photos and to stay in the viewing area. At St Kilda, it is an area which is fully open to the public and so it is a bit of a free for all. It got pretty dark and we still couldn't see a single penguin. We weren't surprised... if we were penguins we wouldn't to run across a beach with a crowd of selfie stick holding tourists stampeding behind! We did however see some water rats which was a new one. It was back to the apartment for us. We managed to miss the last bus and so we needed to flag down a taxi. We ended up doing this a few times throughout our stay in Essendon and so I don't think we will be staying there without a car again. That night we shared our taxi with a fellow bus misser and ended up getting it for free! Well he paid for it as he was travelling much further than us. We ended up getting back quite late and so made an effort to stay super quiet as we knew Francis would be up early in the morning. We silently made dinner and washed up. Just as we were finishing drying the dishes, Francis and Amy come bounding in through the door full of alcohol and noise! It was time for bed for us.

The big shoot day had finally come around. We packed a case full of equipment and headed to catch the train. We then forgot to get off the train and so ended up riding a full loop around the city. Luckily we were super early and so still managed to show up on time! We collected our media passes, feeling very important may I add, and headed to the ball park. Ben got settled in his tent where he would spend the day editing sitting next to the sound crew. Anna paced around anxiously awaiting the arrival of LOADS OF KIDS. It was a pretty hectic day. We were photographing the first ever Shopkins Swapkins party. It was an event where kids could come from all over to swap their duplicate toys. There was entertainment throughout the day and also some youtube starts. We have shared a video on AB Studio's Facebook page and our images feature at the end of it. Click the link below to see how the event panned out:
It was super hot and sunny all day but it went really well. We even saw Venus Williams warm up for her big game!
We stayed up late that night editing all the shots, but it was really worth it as we had fun and it was a success!

It was our last week in Melbourne. Ben headed to work and Anna was ready to get stuff done! After eating some more tacos on Ben's lunch break, Anna went location scouting for her portfolio shoot. She then headed to St Kilda beach where she had a good shoot with Chris. Anna even managed to pick up some free art on a random street on the way!
That night we wanted to go to Rice Paper Scissors to celebrate a successful 3 weeks in Melbourne. Unfortunately for us it was closed on that day only!! We ended up going for steak and ribs in a place called Squires Loft which had been recommended to us on several occasions. It did not disappoint. We topped off the evening by going to see La La Land in the boutique cinema. We just about made it on time but we soon tap danced all the way home!

Wednesday was our last day, and it was a stressful day too. We had to prep everything for the portfolio photoshoot, book Tasmania, find out where our payment was from another shoot, do the actual shoot and pack everything! After a lot of running around and last minute everything, we managed to pull off a really successful shoot and we are excited to share the images with you all. We headed to leaving drinks round two and got back at 12pm ready for our 4AM START FOR TASMANIA!

Lets just say, we had an exhausting round two in Melbourne but it was all worth it in the end.

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