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Perth take two!

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It was time for Ben's first week at work. He was trying to stay positive throughout but it was a struggle. Ben had to travel to different places every day and watch people cross the road into moving traffic just to avoid him, and he didn't even smell! He got 3 people signed up which was good but he was struggling with the team as the office was under new management. Ben also got to play team leader for a couple of days as the current team leader was off doing something unknown!
Anna had another interview on valentines day and it went really well, she even got asked back for a second interview the following day. Ben had a stressful day that day as he was under a lot of pressure to make some sales. We were both relieved to get home and jump in the pool! That night we celebrated with a quiet night in. In the movie room with chocolate roses...


Anna's 2nd interview turned out to be a trial/observation day. The job was for door to door sales but fundraising for charities, they call it direct marketing. It was essentially Ben's job but not in the streets. It went ok but it was really hot, there was lots of walking and Anna was being lead around by a rather interesting French guy! That night she received the phone call that she had got the job. She wasn't sure if she really wanted it but money was money! That day Anna also asked to attend 2 more interviews the following day. One where Ben works and one with another street fundraising company. She was a bit put off by Ben's experiences but thought best attend anyhow as a back up plan. Both interviews were group ones which are always an experience! They went ok but had no call backs, she was kind of glad! The same day, Anna and Ben decided to go and view some Airbnb's. Now we both had work lined up and had found some good looking places online, it was time to look at moving out with a less creepy host! They saw two properties but both decided on the one, a small apartment with a lady called Jet, 10 mins away from the city. We celebrated by eating out.. burgers for a change! ;-)

On the Friday Anna had her first day at work... well sort of. It was an unpaid training and an induction day - not idea for our bank account situation but hey ho! Ben had managed to catch a terrible cold from the very few people he came into contact with on the street and so he ended up having the day off work!

It was finally the weekend. We had a doctors appointment scheduled as we need to keep our travel vaccinations up to date. Ben was too sick to attend and so Anna went alone. She thought it would take around 30 min or so, just a quick injection perhaps. But no, an hour and a half later she was having blood tests to check her levels of Hep A and B! On the upside, when she got home she discovered that Ben had been offered an illustration job by Sian's dad as he needed something for work. Ben was also given a lifeline with the fundraising job. As he didn't hit targets and also phoned in sick, he should of been let go. However the managers saw the potential in him and asked him back the following week. It was another excuse to celebrate. With Ben on the mend, we decided to go to one of the Fringe Festival events, a comedy hypnosis show. We just managed to persuade our way in after leaving our ID's at home forgetting how young Anna looks! It was a really great night!


On the Sunday we moved into our new place, we actually have nothing to write about the experience as it was completely normal.. unlike the last blog post!

It was time for Anna's first week at work! She works 11/12 until around 6/7pm. Her first day was a lot cooler and she felt like she walked a bit less. She had a good day with the French guy who she kept calling Anton even though his name is Anthony. Not a great first impression however she signed 3 people up on her first day and so unwanted nicknames were soon forgotten. Anna surprisingly was quite enjoying her job and was actually pretty good at it! On Tuesday she signed up 2, Wednesday 3, Thursday 1 and on Friday.... drum roll please.... She phoned in sick as Ben was so generous and passed on his lovely germs! Even though she was sick, Anna managed to break records and even got put up on the notice board. Anna has a great working atmosphere and is meeting lots of new people from all over the world. She is learning lots and earning lots too! Her team leader, AntHonY is also keeping her rather amused throughout the days. On one day he took a customers gate off its hinges, and on another day Anna noticed he had been pronouncing bombing with the b.. bomBing. Probably more had to be there moments but they kept her going through the illness of a cold.
Sadly Ben lost his job that week, he didn't mind as he hated it! He also had the Friday off due to being fired but had interviews lined up. He came home so a poorly girlfriend only to tell her that he had managed to get a job which started the following week! Ben would now be generating leads for solar panels over the phone, not a terribly exciting job but it paid the bills. Anna had the option to work the Saturday but politely declined as she didn't want to die!

Yet again we were left with no money. For some reason we are attracting poorly timed pay dates. Pay day wasn't until the following Thursday and so we headed off to do a very budgeted weekly food shop. We went to a shop called the Spud Shed. It is a very discounted farmer style shop which means it attracts the local bogan. Either way we were glad we could eat for the week! However we unfortunately didn't have enough credit to top up our phones which would later cause much inconvenience. Luckily we managed to pay the rent just fine.
On the Sunday we headed to the beach to meet Alex and Lizzi. This would be the 5th state we have seen them with. We had a nice chilled day catching up before they flew back to England that week!
After the weekend Anna was on the mend, Ben was ready to start his new job, and Anna was ready for payday so we could start enjoying our time in Perth!

To summarise the weeks work, Anna signed up 9 more people, she smashed her evaluation week and has since been promoted to a level 2. Next week she needs to hit 10 in one week and then she will be promoted again and she will also receive a pay rise! As an incentive, Anna's work does tasty Tuesday. If you get two or more on Tuesday you get free food! Anna yet again made it up to the notice board but this time... it wasn't as impressive. She made a right mess with her free burger!


Anna has enjoyed working with other people throughout the week and more so working independently. Ben ended up having the Monday off after a mix up with start dates. He had a productive day retouching images and catching up on the latest tv shows! On Tuesday and Wednesday Ben generated 7 leads, and he only had to generate 4 in a week! So lets just say he was doing pretty well at his job. However he finds the job very intense and the training is on the go, there is a high staff turnover and a rather negative working environment. He has been getting great feedback from the managers but he isn't finding it the most enjoyable job. I guess it's Anna's turn to have the limelight whilst Ben plays house husband! Ben gets home a couple of hours earlier and so is now in charge of dinner and chores. It was finally payday! After struggling without phone credit all week long, it was time to top up not just our phones, but also our bellies!

On Friday night we went to the Twilight Hawkers Markets, oh boy the food was good!


On Saturday we spent the day food shopping on less of a budget, and clothes shopping because we just can't stop! We also headed into the city to play mini golf and enjoy a drink watching some live music.


Yesterday we went to Shoal Water Marine Park. It was amazing! It took a while to get there but it was so worth it. We took a boat ride around the islands and saw seals, dolphins, pelicans and little penguins. We then headed to penguin island to do some sunbathing and snorkelling. There were a few fish and a lot of ants so we didn't stick around for long. We headed over to the rescue centre to watch the little penguins being fed, they are just the cutest things! We then headed back to the mainland to have a snack and take in the beautiful surroundings!


Today it's a public holiday and so we are having a chilled one ready for 4 days of work this week. It also gives us time to catch up on the blog posts! Over all, we are enjoying Perth as much as we can. We were thinking of leaving early but we have now decided to stay until the end of the visa. We are luckily to have gotten these well paid jobs with just weeks left on our visa. Perth is suburban and industrial and isn't very buzzy compared to the likes of Melbourne. It has amazing beaches and islands and has a few festivals on at the moment. We are excited to enjoy our last month of Australia, but then I think we will be ready to hit New Zealand! Stay tuned for more stories in April! Benanna :-)

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