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Perth and the end to our one year two months across Asia and Australia

sunny 28 °C

What better way to start the final blog post with a bit of Bingay... What on earth is Bingay you may ask yourselves? Well it's just as crazy as it sounds, it's bingo hosted by drag queens. And we couldn't think of doing anything better on our Thursday night. Free entry, free to play and free pizza, I mean why wouldn't you go? Of course you don't want to win though, as winning includes taking home lots of odd and interesting naughty toys which we won't go into the details of. We had a great night and had a lot of laughs, sadly we didn't get any pictures but I am sure that the mental visual is enough!

Anna has been door to door fundraising, the job is quite challenging but does have it's perks. She got to go on a road trip to Yanchep but sadly wasn't able to visit the National Park however she had stunning views of the beach all day so couldn't complain. Oh wait yeah she could complain and she did... the size of the spiders up there!! PHEEEWWW...

(Ps - this photo isn't ours its from google!)

It was time for date night in Leaderville. This consisted of eating in a cute little Asian place followed by a cinema viewing of Moonlight. We decided to go to a little retro boutique cinema which made the evening extra special. The film was really good and we could see why it won an award or two!

Before we knew it we were back at the Dooley's for another BBQ. Sian's parents were actually quite hungover which made the evening rather amusing. We were also treated to an amazing sunset..


Theres a food theme going on with this blog post and so I will continue it, St Paddy's day had come around, and what better way to celebrate it with a good old Chinese! We headed to China town in Northbridge and feasted on a 3 or 4 course meal. We ate that much we have lost count of the courses! We were suppose to go to an Irish pub after and wash down the grub with a pint of Guinness or two but we literally couldn't move. We managed to roll our selves home on the train.

The following weekend was a bit different.. no it wasn't! There was lots more food! We went to Jaime Oliver's restaurant in the city and enjoyed some yummy pasta, followed by the nicest ever hot chocolate and cakes at San Churros. Perth was lacking in a few things but we still manage to find the best places to eat a lot of food!

That Saturday there was an open house where we were living as our landlord Jet, was wanting to rent out the apartment. We are telling you this info as there was a rather amusing ordeal with the keys. We simply left them in the letter box when we left, and expected them to be back in there once we arrived home. But no they were no where to be seen and we were dying to get inside from the heat. We did find a note though, the lady didn't want to leave the keys in the letterbox as it didn't feel safe. She left her number and so we tried to call her. We finally managed to get hold of her when at this point we were sat on the curb outside with our bags of food shopping. After what felt like an hour phone conversation about how she plans to drop off the keys, she suddenly remembered she had left them under the door mat, super safe I know! Once inside we proceeded to make lists of all the things we needed to do as our visas were up in a matter of weeks. Well when you leave a country you can make lists as long as your arm. Luckily half the list entails how we can become slightly richer, getting our tax and super back are the highlights!

On Sunday, Jet invited us on a boat ride with her parents. Her parents owned a little speed boat and loved water sports. The water was freezing and so only Ben and Jet's parents had a go at the activities! We don't think Ben has ever looked so happy..


It was time for another week of work. We weren't terribly enjoying the jobs. Ben was getting sick of cold calling rude people asking them if they wanted to save money by getting solar panels, and Anna was getting tired of the energy and cost of her self employed fundraising job. Some days she felt like more money was going out than coming in. At the stage we couldn't wait to leave, we were scraping by on our sales as we had no motivation.. at least we didn't get fired! Anna was put on Canteen (a charity for teenagers with cancer) for the last week to mix it up a bit as she was losing interest in making sales. Ben being good at bloody everything was impressing everyone where he worked even though he hated it there. Management even wanted to consider him for a management role but unfortunately for them our visas run out. One night we applied for our visas for New Zealand, and just two days later they were approved! It was official, we were going to NZ! We were so excited which of course meant that the weeks were dragging by.

In a recent blog post, we wrote that we planned to travel some more of South East Asia before going back to the UK to work and save for a while. We have since found out how easy and affordable it is to get a 1 or 2 year visa in NZ. We have now decided to spend the next year or so living and saving in New Zealand. Travelling is amazing, and we love it, however living out of a backpack and being constantly low on money gets tiring. We are working in NZ for two months before returning to the UK for a big 2 month holiday. We then plan to fly back out to NZ to live/settle there until we are back on our feet and have lots of money in the bank. Then who knows where we will travel to next. Hopefully our original South East Asia plan followed by America. Although we have lots of saving to do now!

Perth was getting very rainy and quite cold. It is now approaching winter out here and so a big change in the weather. We decided to risk it all and book tickets to the outdoor movies. Although it was a little chilly, we had a lovely evening watching the sunset followed by the film Manchester By The Sea.


The following morning we had brunch with Sian and Sam. This was the last time we were going to see them before we left Australia. They took us to an amazing place right down the road from our house. We couldn't believe we only just found this at the end of our stay, it was the nicest brunch ever! Just look at Anna's pancakes:


The time had finally come, the last four days in work. They flew by and we were eager so say our goodbyes and put those jobs behind us. We took the Friday off so we could visit the stunning Rottnest Island. The ferry over was so expensive but luckily it was really worth the money. We rented bikes and spent the day cycling around the whole island. The weather was amazing and so were the sites. Not to mention the little quokkas!


Once returning to land, we headed to a famous fish and chips restaurant in Fremantle. It was super yummy even though we were literally being attacked by seagulls left, right and centre. As some of the gulls got lucky with the occasional chip, we didn't feel very full. Well of course this was an excuse to head over to San Churros for some more chocolate. Oh we were going to miss Australia!


After stuffing ourselves silly, it was time to make our way to our last tourist destination of Perth.. Fremantle prison. Here we attended a torchlight tour of the prison which also included a couple of scares from some pretty good actors. It was a very educational tour as we also learnt that the stunning island of Rottnest was the island where the Aboriginal prisoners were sent. It was a great end to a great day.


On Saturday it was all go with packing, washing, cleaning and organising. At 5pm it was time to catch an Uber to the airport and say our goodbyes to Jet. We actually arrived on time for once and headed to the check in desk feeling thoroughly organised. We took out our printed flight conformation, passports and copy of our visa approvals. Then all hell broke lose. The check in lady called over a super visor and the super visor called someone else as there seemed to be some ordeal over our evidence that we were in fact allowed into the country. A very nervous Anna and Ben patiently waited but thankfully all was well and we were allowed entry into the airport! After we passed through security, we headed to the shops.. we kept searching and searching but couldn't seem to find them. Perth lacks in a bit of vibe, culture and things to do... so does it's airport! The airport topped off our trip in Perth I guess, just waiting around for the next best thing.

Before we knew it, it was time to board the plane, goodbye Australia. Hello New Zealand.

Ps. Anna has recently set up another just giving page for her latest charitable event, to see what crazy thing she is doing next, please visit the link below:

We would like to thank everyone who has kept up with our blog the past one year and two months! We know we can get quite carried away and end up boring you with details we think are amusing, I guess some situations are those had to be there moments! We have had the actual best time of our lives and have done some pretty insane stuff. What an amazing first experience of 'proper' travelling. We are so excited to be able to keep travelling, and I am sure we will have lots more stories to tell. In face we know we will, and so here is our new blog page http://benannatravelnz.travellerspoint.com/
Feel free to subscribe... Until next time :-)

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