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2 weeks and 2 days...

overcast 13 °C

until we are out of here! And off into the mountains for some skiing.

So after the last blog post, Ben caught my cold and lost his voice! Which wasn't ideal as his job is practically just talking. Although it worked out well for him because he was off sick for the majority of the week which meant he didn't get fired as he was actually over target!
Anna baked some cookie, chicken pie and brownies! She is keeping busy in that kitchen.
On the weekend we had our photo day. Anna played with her 'repaired' polaroid camera and Ben had a play on his birthday present. We had fun being tourists and travelling around the city taking lots of shots. Unfortunately Anna's shots didn't come out as well as Ben's as her camera is still broken!!


We ended the evening back in the best Asian in Melbourne, Rice Paper Scissors mmmm!

On Sunday Anna had work so Ben spent the day lounging around drawing. After Anna's shift it was time to see Finding Dory at the cinema... and it was great! We even had a play in the arcades, they are much cheaper over here so we had a lot of fun for just $5.

Anna had Tuesday and Wednesday off again. The two job thing isn't going as planned as one of them isn't providing the hours! Ben was on re evaluation again due to being on tracking the week before as he was ill. On Anna's two days off she managed to break the internet. Jason decided to rearrange the office and then leave the house so when Anna tried to plug the wire back in... it turns out it was the wrong one and she ended up blowing the box! Ooops! We later found out it was worth over $200 so in a desperate attempt to revive it, we took it to a specialist but he only gave us bad news. By the time we got home, Jason had already bought a replacement even though he asked us to buy one.. and it hasn't been discussed since. We are praying the money doesn't come out of our bond! :(

Anna received a very exciting email from her website... A film company in Melbourne wanted to use her as their photographer for a shoot with Haymes, Australia's leading paint brand. This was the perfect opportunity to introduce AB Studio. We ended up earning twice as much money buy suggesting it so it turned out to be a success. Anna went to meet the team in their offices and was amazed by how big the company was. It turns out that Creswick creative take on all of Disney's outsourcing in Australia. America sends over trailers and Creswick record Australian voice over and change titles etc. Anna got briefed on the shoot and went home to tell Ben all the exciting news.

On the weekend, we went to watch AFL live! (Australian rules football) At the start we weren't that into it as we didn't have a clue what was going on. But by the end we were cheering and booing with all the other Australian fans. We had such a good time and had amazing seats. We spent our money on lots of snacks and drinks and even matching scarves...


So the EU news kind of sucks. More for Anna than Ben. Her savings are actually in the UK account and so she has lost out on a couple of hundred due to the pound dropping so drastically. It has picked up a bit since but not as much as she would like it to. We both would of voted to stay if we had been more organised.

Ben was giving up on his job as he hated being on Vision all the time and he was performing terribly because of it. He managed to get onto Bush heritage and ended up having a killer day, 6 packs in a day which broke his personal record.

Before the shoot, we decided it would be a good idea to buy a Macbook which didn't constantly restart. We sat down and went through our financial situation and decided that a Macbook would be a great investment for AB studio. Next we will be buying a camera, but for now we would borrow Jason's. On our way home, we got pulled over into a little lane where loads of police officers were giving breathalyzer tests. This was a first for Ben but we were soon on our merry way as we hadn't consumed any alcohol that day :-).

Yet again Anna was hard at work on a weekend and Ben had it off and so this weekend, Ben decided to go food shopping with Brad. They decided to buy lots of sausages so that night they could 'crumb' them together. This is a term we don't usually use but its basically breaded sausage. We all ended up getting involved and had a bit of a house sausage crumb party! That night we also did a bin run... Basically Jason is the laziest and messiest person ever and so if we don't do something it doesn't get done. Like taking out the bins. It pilled up that much that Jason finally realised and so we all ended up putting the bin bags into other peoples bins. Brad took it a bit too far and dressed all in black like a ninja!

In other exciting news, we booked our ski trip and dinner on a tram. On the 22nd of July, we will be heading to the mountains for 5 days of skiing and snowboarding. We have lessons booked and rental equipment reserved. We are very excited! Luckily we managed to fit in the dinner on the tram before we go. Anna saw a restaurant tram pass one day and ever since has wanted to book but Ben wasn't too fussed by it. As soon as Anna found out they have gluten free... it was booked ;)

Last week we both woke up bright and early ready for our Hep A booster injections. When we arrived we waited for around twenty mins before finding out that only Ben needed his booster as it turns out Anna had already had hers. This saved her $100 and some trauma. Anna finally got her hair cut but it is still just as long as before. She is trying to grow it as long as possible as she hopes to donate it when she gets back to the UK.

AB Studio is coming along well. We now have a live website... http://a-b-studio.weebly.com/
We have logos, social accounts, a macbook and our first official client. Now we just need a camera and we are good to go. The only way is up!

So down to the shoot. Anna had to wake up at 5.30am and so packing the night before was vital


She drove 20 min away to meet the director and camera man at one of their houses. Once they were all in their hired Jeep and equipment was in the boot, the first stop was McDonalds. Oh sorry... 'Maccas'. Coffee for the boys and good old English Breakfast tea for Anna. We then had an hour and a half long journey before reaching Ballarat. We arrived early and headed inside to the lab. After discussing how the day would pan out, we got straight to it. It was a good day and went well. Anna took the Macbook which was worth it as the clients wanted to see the imagery right away. We had the day at the lab and then later on went to a location to photograph a guy applying their paint to the wall of a new home. Anna managed to survive the day on a Nikon and get some good shots. Once Ben has edited them we will put some up for you all to see. Theres not too many stories to tell about the day really, apart from Haymes provided lunch which was all sandwich, pastry and cakes so Anna did the walk of shame to the car to grab some gf lunch!

This week Ben has had to fire two people! Being a team leader has its negatives too I guess, so that was pretty awkward. His tram has also stopped running for the week due to maintenance so when Anna can't drop him off or pick him up, he has to walk, get the tram, get a train and walk some more. Which is not at all ideal as this week we have horrible rain and floods!

Anna finally made a grand in a day at the retail store. She has getting a lot of pressure from her manager as her sales seem to be the lowest. This result proves that Anna can do it, it's not her fault if the store is dead! She got just shy of a grand again the other day so more evidence ;) Lets hope her manager leaves her alone for her last two weeks of work.

Brad has moved out now, but Sol hasn't moved in just yet. We feel bad for Brad as he is now living on his mates sofa when theres an empty room over here! But what can you do.

July is the end of the Australian tax year and so we got to reclaim all of our tax. Ben got LOADS back, Anna... not so much. We had a disney and PJ day on Saturday which was much needed as we are both exhausted from all this work! We can't wait to go on holiday ;) We went back to the cinema and watched the new Kevin Heart film which was hilarious! We are going back this weekend to watch Tarzan and Ice Age! We just can't get enough. We got our cinema tickets half price because we had burgers but what an interesting colour crumb...


Anna had a much needed massage as she had pulled a muscle in her shoulder from all the dishwasher work in the cafe. The Chinese man was very shocked with the crunching noises of her shoulders and kept checking that she was ok. Unfortunately she is used to this!

So the last story for this blog post is Jason's women. He has so many different girls around that we can't count them! He likes to have 'netflix and chill'. This week Jason wanted to watch a scary film with his current lady friend but he wouldn't watch it unless Ben did. For those who know Ben quite well... he doesn't do scary films. Jason then offered us money off our rent to get Ben to watch it! (We think Jase was too scared to watch it without another man) But of course Ben won and proceeded to watch Friday Night Lights, some american football to sooth the screams from downstairs!

Anna also shrunk her water bottle in the dishwasher... it was a litre one!


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Who knew you could catch a cold in Australia!

sunny 13 °C

So last week, Anna attempted to make homemade spring rolls. She ended up waiting for Ben to come home to help her out with the roll technique. On the boat in Vietnam, we had a cooking lesson and Ben got a clap for his spring roll! We think the rice paper we got isn't really great for deep frying, we also tried shallow frying but next time we might double wrap or bake them, they all kept falling apart.


On the upside Anna makes a mean GF pie!!!


So also last week, Anna's store did the worst it has since she had worked there. They only made $260 which is about 140 pounds. It was really quiet all day so there wasn't much she could do about it but her manager insisted it was her fault as she didn't sell to the customers enough! Oh dear. So on the job hunt front.. there was a success.. sort of. Anna had an interview at a cafe which went well and so she then had a trial. She did the trial before a full days work at Maestro so this was a tiring day!! This also went well and so she was hired. The only bad thing is it pays a bit less and its only part time hours at the moment. However they do want Anna to do some photography for their social media! The couple she works for are so laid back and really nice and so she has very good vibes about this place unlike the last. Anna's job in the retail shop is really really boring. She's hoping to find another part time job to replace it. Anna is really enjoying the cafe job, interacting with lots of staff and customers. It is also only ten min away and free parking!


So Ben's birthday was last week too. Anna had been arranging cards and presents over the last few weeks. One story worth telling was that she had to drive to Harvey Norman to collect the camera. This sounds pretty straight forward apart from the sat nav took her on a huge diversion just to turn her around and send her back in the direction she just came in. Then she waited 15 mins for someone to serve her. Luckily they had the camera in stock so it was all worth it. Also Ben's dad had some presents delivered to the house. One arrived when only Ben was in and the parcel was actually open so he could see what was inside. Thank god he didn't see what it was though or that would have been a shame. Anna tried hiding the second parcel better but when she picked it up all of the bottles rattled! Sorry Andy!


Anna started off the surprises by buying some Lindor chocolate for 4 pounds and 50p.. the perks of working in an outlet!..


We decided to celebrate it on Sunday as we were both working on Monday. Anna planned a complete surprise day for him, she wanted to make it extra special as we were so far from home and family. Ben woke to a cooked English breakfast with homemade hash browns.


We then got in the car and headed to THE ZOO...


It was a shame it was raining all day but we got to our next location at the perfect time... Sunset at the star...


Our final stop was dinner with these amazing milkshakes... (this is also where Anna had a trial a few weeks back, but luckily none of the staff she knew were working that night)


We woke up on Monday morning at 6am so that Ben could open his presents before Anna had to rush off for work. He loved his presents!!...


Anna also baked him a birthday cake.. Ben was officially spoiled!


So, last week Anna went to pick up Ben from work. He was aware that her phone was extremely low on battery. It died and so she had to guess how to get to his work as she still relies on the sat nav. Luckily she got there... but way later than expected due to the traffic. Anna expected to see Ben waiting outside as she was so abnormally late. Ben was no where to be seen. Anna waited outside for a while but had to move as she was in a bus bay. She then parked up to see if she had enough change for the meter. She didn't. She asked a guy if she could use his phone to call Ben but he just looked at her like she was a weirdo and walked off very fast. Anna began to panic. She was in the middle of a city with her boyfriend missing, no phone, no money. She pulled up outside his work again and this time the doors had been locked shut! Where the hell was Ben. She asked a guy waiting outside for his phone and luckily he let her use it and so Anna rang Ben... it rang for ages before he answered and where was he? DRINKING BEER!!! You can imagine how the journey home went... and we will leave that story at that hehe!

Ben has been on the charity Vision for the past 2-3 weeks. He is not enjoying it at all. The people he calls on this charity are just not fun at all. Some swear, some don't even answer and very few donate. Ben is unfortunately on re evaluation this week as last week and the week before that he didn't hit his target. Lets hope Ben can keep his job and hit his target this week. If he was on ACF he would smash it!

Sadly Anna's last grand parent passed away. Grandad Len lived in a home on the Wirral after suffering a stroke. Anna visited often and luckily visited before she came away. They had a laugh as he was in bed poorly and Anna routed through his draws to make him giggle. Anna is really upset this has happened whilst she is away as she wants to attend the funeral. She has been looking at flights all week for any last minute deals but nothing has come up as of yet :-(

So, Jason (house mate) asked Anna if she wanted to come along to a photoshoot he was doing for Brick City Villin. Anna politely declined the offer as his style of shoots doesn't really fit well with her portfolio of work... aka women getting their bums out/are half dressed (or even a quarter). This shoot he had an army theme going on and the location was similar to the last shoot so she doesn't feel like she missed out.
We are having some awkward house issues right now. Jason wants his friend Sol to move in and wants Brad to move out. We feel a bit like we are unwanted also so its all got a bit weird. We are going to go through our budgets this week and so think we will move out in 6 weeks or so anyway. Hopefully it doesn't get too awkward by then!

On other notes about work as thats all we seem to be doing.. Ben had a free breakfast and a free lunch last week. Anna is also getting lots of free food in her new cafe job. Any pastries that are due to go out of date and some of them are GF too!!...


On Saturday, Anna got to finish work early as it was so quiet. She was very glad of this as she started coming down with a cold. She also heard some terrible news. One of her managers brother in law died of a heart attack and he was just 21 years old. This was really sad news :( Anna walked around the mall whilst she waited for Ben to collect her and it was crazy. Over in Oz, we get bank holiday weekend as its the Queen's birthday, how funny when you guys don't get it in the UK! They go bank holiday mad over here with sales. The mall had dj's and people spinning wheels to see how much discount they could win. Too bad Anna felt so ill! She spent the whole of Sunday in bed with a sore throat, runny nose, blocked ears and headache. Ben was waiting on her hand and foot but it was such a shame to waste the day as we planned to do a day of photography with Ben's new camera. On Monday Anna woke up and couldn't open her left eye! Once washing it, it was red for the whole day. We didn't want to spend the day inside again so we decided to go bank holiday shopping and we got some amazing deals. We even went to two malls. Thats the end of treating ourselves now though as we are going to save save from now on!!


Today Anna faced work, luckily for just a four hour shift. Her nose is bright red now too! Ben has started his challenge to keep his job and he is doing well with raising $60! Keep you posted!

P.s.. Anna's uniform for Maestro... Bit different!

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Winter time

rain 14 °C

So the weather is getting cold here.. highs of 14 degrees! We have both bought coats now and a few more warmer layers.
Last week Anna had a trial at a restaurant. She already got the job at the clothing shop but fancied the challenge anyway. When she arrived it was impossible to park and the restaurant was so busy. The staff told her it wasn't busy.. that was a quiet night! She didn't really get amazing exciting vibes from the place so after the trial decided not to pursue it any further. However they have awesome food and milkshakes so she will be returning... as a guest!
So Anna worked a 6 day week last week, she was rostered for 7 but begged for a day off as she was exhausted. The shop is quite quiet and the tasks not very difficult but being on her feet all day for 6 days was a killer after being unemployed for the last few months. Anna experienced quite an awkward moment last week also... She was serving a customer who seemed to love the colour black. Anna went around the shop getting the best black dresses to try and work on up selling, then the customer told her she was attended her son's funeral hence all the black! The worst part is the lady nearly cried explaining that her son was only 38 when he passed away a few weeks before. Most awkward and sad situation ever!
So.. Ben is officially team leader! He was panicking that he was going to get laid off and then he got promoted! He has a team of two and carries around a little notebook so sign all these important forms.. cute! Ben is doing so well though and he is loving his job an all the perks of an amazing wage, bonuses and don't forget the ping pong table!
Ben has every Saturday off alone as Anna works. Last Saturday he completed the logo for our new business - AB Studio.
AB studio is the two of us offering photography and retouching services worldwide! We need to work on the website now but it is all very exciting.
So we have some stories about Tyson.. Jason went to Japan for 10 days so we were left to look after him. Tyson has been a pain in the bum ever since. He has woken us up every morning itching and scratching. We have walked him as much as we could but he was still bursting with energy. When Ben took him on a walk one day, Tyson jumped in the river when he was still attached to the lead! Then he took a poop, stood in it and then stood on Ben's shoe! Ben also found Tyson in our bed on more than one occasion! His hair is now everywhere all over our clothes and our bed :-( Tyson's trainer Bec took him away for a few nights which gave us some peace! We also discovered that Tyson actually trashed the garden. He chewed up wires and pipes and none of us even noticed! Jase was not happy when he got home.
Anna had a shift change the following week and used her days off baking some gluten free goodies for her blog.
She also had a lot of sleep and went shopping to buy some new outfits for work. Anna is working hard to try and meet the stores targets. It's proving to be quite frustrating as she is thinking of lots of ideas that will increase the sales such as social media and advertising. Unfortunately the manager isn't keen to take on any ideas and would rather blame the staff for the quietness of the store.
So last Saturday night, we planned to go to the best Asian in the city but as there was a two hour wait, he decided to eat in the restaurant next door. It was nice but Anna wasn't too keen on the GF options. We then went to a bar which was hidden amongst a bookshelf. We queued outside, entered a restaurant and headed to a door which was part of a wall. Behind this door was a little library. You had to pull the correct book to open a secret door, unfortunately for us, the two ladies in front of us had clearly been before as they knew exactly which book to pull. We headed down a staircase to a heaving bar filled with random decorations. We had a really good night.
Ben spent the next day drawing and created this masterpiece...
Anna spent her next day off having a mani pedi and doing a bit more shopping. She hasn't managed to save a penny of her first weeks wages but it is a certain someones birthday soon! Anna met up with Ben for lunch in the CBD. It is really expensive in the CBD and so she brought a pack lunch. The plan was to walk to the park and have a mini picnic... then the weather completely turned and it rained. This resulted in us eating our lunch on a bench in the city in the rain. Not the most romantic I know. Especially after Anna walked for 30 mins in the rain with a broken umbrella as it was so windy.
So Anna had the worst day in work the other day as the store earned the lowest it had in weeks. The store made only 200 pounds. This resulted in not a very happy manager who made a lot of comments throughout the rest of the week.
So this week we totally forgot to pay the rent which annoyed Jase again... oops! But on the upside, Ben got a big bonus! Shame Anna isn't following Ben's traits. Anna hasn't enjoyed the job over the past week so she had it out with her manager. Her manager has informed her that she won't be wanting the photography anymore which is the reason Anna took the job so that's annoying. The manager is being a bit nicer to her after their chat but Anna is annoyed about the whole situation so is looking for a new job. On the upside she is getting paid a lot for standing around a dead shop all day!
This weekend we went to the best Asian in Melbourne as we got a seat straight away. It was outside and it was cold but we had a little heater and it reminded us of Asia and street food. The Asian was absolutely amazing. We could literally eat there every night it was that good! I think we will be visiting there a lot. After dinner we went to a roof top bar which was near China town. It was really cool but it was full of young people which is funny coming from us. But really it was like being at a high school party!
On Sunday we spent the day playing basket ball and we still haven't improved on getting the ball inside the hoop! We also went to the cinema to watch Bad Neighbours two which was hilarious!! We planned to spend the day applying for ski jobs but the mac actually died! It wouldn't turn on and we had just finished re writing our resumes! Ben being the genius that he is, managed to copy the macs disk onto his hard drive, then set the mac to its factory settings which fixed it so woohoo!
But today the mac has had some odd pop ups and it has restarted on its own a few times and so we are going to sell it and buy a new one.
Brad has gone away for a week so its just us who needs to take a holiday now!

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20 °C

So we are learning the local Australian slang... Melbs is short for Melbourne believe it or not! They also call chavs Bogans and Maccies Maccas, it's all very confusing!

So last week Anna had a trial at a cafe called Supagrind. She got the tram and walked which took just under an hour. The cafe was super busy and this was at 8am! It was her and another girl fighting out for a place but unfortunately the other girl won. Anna tried her best of course but got sent home after an hour :( She was too good for that cafe anyway ;)

Ben started the week off well by finding out he had a conversion rate of 46% when the target is 30%. This means that when he calls people up to add to their donation, he is manages to persuade almost half the people he calls! He was getting nervous about keeping his job as his managers were constantly changing his charities and so he wasn't meeting his targets. He went on tracking as he didn't hit 85 percent.

On Tuesday night, we went to a very last minute concert. Anna loves Jess Glynne and saw on instagram that she was performing in Melbourne that day. Anna booked the tickets after begging Ben to come with. Rudimental were there too which was an added bonus. Anna loves both of these artists. Ben enjoyed it but not as much as it wasn't BRUCE! We got a pizza hut after so he soon forgot all about it and tucked into his meat lovers!

The following day.. Anna at home jobless built their brand new bed! She was very proud of herself and even took a picture to prove it...


Also to keep herself busy, she has been making lots of gluten free goodies and posting the recipes onto her new blog: http://annasgfkitchen.weebly.com/. Last week she made some vegan style cheese cakes mmm! Anna has also been taking Tyson on lots of walks. He pulls a lot to begin with as he is so excited but he is ok after a while until he sees another dog. Anna is getting a six pack just from holding Tyson back! The other day Tyson pooped like five times and Anna ran out of bags. She isn't used to picking up dog poo as her dad used to do it for her (miss you daddy hehe). Another Tyson walking story would be when an Asian lady brought her TINY Jack Russell Terrier over to say hi and her dog was the size of Tyson's head! Anna was so nervous as Tyson is so strong but luckily he is really loyal so she had him lay down the whole time the dog was about.

On friday, Anna received a phone call off a lady called Delys. She had no idea what company she was calling from or for what job she applied for. Delys told Anna she was looking for an Australian and someone who is very experienced in high fashion sales assisting. Anna has neither of these things and so was confused as to why she was receiving the call. Anna thought something clearly caught her eye and so started to fish for details. She thinks it was the photography. Delys owns Maestro Fashion in Australia. There are two stores and there is a third opening in Queensland later this year. She has a young guy doing the photography at the moment but he has no knowledge of lighting or editing. Anna presented her skills and so Delys asked for her to come in for a trial the next day. This immediately cancelled our weekend plans... luckily we didn't have any! Anna spent the rest of the day doing a lot of research!

On Saturday Ben drove a very nervous Anna to DFO south wharf (it's a shopping centre). Ben spent the next three hours buying clothes for amazing prices as it turns out it's an outlet. He got a pair of Levi Jeans for $19! Anna didn't know what to expect but she assumed she was going for an interview... turns out it was a trial and so she just winged it. After a few hours her and Delys had a chat and came to an agreement. Anna would be trained to work in both stores (the one at the airport also) but she would also do some photography and social admin for the company. Anna was pleased but it was a shame to give up the weekends but I guess thats better than being unemployed! Anna told Ben the amazing news and they went to stuff their faces in the food court!
Later that night we went out with Jase, Brad and Sol. We went to a street called Brunswick which is full of really cool bars. After watching the guys eat taccos, we decided to ditch them for the Ice bar and meet them later on...


We also discovered gluten free donuts on our way to meet the guys...


When we met back up with the gang, Sol had gone home, and so Jase wanted to go to chapel street as we had lost our tour guide. We got in his car and ended up in another bar with some more drinks. At 2am we decided we best get a taxi back as Anna was in work at 1pm for training. We had a really great night though and we are really enjoying Melbs (Ben hates this word). When we got home we were just about to go to bed when Rosie rang to facetime...

The following day Anna had training and Ben did some drawing and got a much needed haircut. When Anna got home we went to play basketball on the courts down the road. We have learned how unfit and out of practice we are so we plan on going to the courts more often! The sunset was lovely though and Ben also got Anna some well done flowers...


Brad is all moved in now and so we have been getting to know him over the past week. He is really lovely and we are all getting on well. Anna is super happy with how clean an organised he is as Jase is her worst nightmare! This week Jason left for Japan for 10 days. On Sunday night we ended up driving to the airport after him as he called us telling us he forgot something! We decided to take Tyson with us and Jason gave us $20. Winner!

This week Ben is doing so well at his job and all of his confidence has been restored! He is back on ACF and is smashing targets yet again! He is off tracking as he got 90% last week. He also has been set a very interesting goal. If he reaches his weeks targets by Thursday, he will be team leader. Yesterday he got 2 days targets in 1 so I think he is going to be fine! Ben feels a lot better knowing he has some job security. Go Ben!

Yesterday Anna went to work in the airport. She was so nervous as the airport is huge and confusing. She set the satnav to the staff carpark and the satnav took her to the taxi rank. Luckily she saw a sign for the carpark and so arrived safely and luckily early. As she then had to get a bus to the airport, walk to the end terminal, go through security and then walk down the steps to find the shop. Anna had to call the shop to ask for directions and arrived 15 min late even after setting off super early. Anna got asked by a lady who worked in Guess (her fave store!!) for some help resizing images. She offered her staff discount in exchange for the favour. Anna instantly went shopping and will be picking up this case next week...


Anna loved working at the store in the airport and received a lot of helpful training. She also scouted the area for potential shoot ideas. After work, Anna got the bus back to the car with all the pilots!

We have a lot of photoshoots coming up which is exciting for both. There is potential work for Maestro, a girl called Lauren messaged Anna the other week asking her to photograph her 90's style clothing. Turns out Lauren is also a model and so Anna asked Lauren to model for her friends lingerie line. We also are planning to do some more work with Jason and his brand. Ben is currently designing a logo as well as planning a shoot. Anna also was messaged by Dissident gym ware as they want her to rep their gym ware. We are going to put a lot of effort into this particular brand as we could get sponsored for it! All these shoots will build our contacts in Australia, back at home and even America!

We had an interesting nights sleep. As Jason left on Sunday night, Tyson woke us all on Monday morning barking away wondering where Jase was. So last night we moved his bed into our room. This stopped the barking but Tyson kept waking us up scratching and licking himself!


Today Anna drove to work in the DFO store. She got lost finding the staff car park here too. After finally arriving.. she found out it is actually her day off but she is working the rest of the week! Gutted! Anna drove back to take Ben to the tram stop before spending the day cleaning and planning exciting things for the evenings. We will only have mornings and weekend evenings to do things together unless we book time off. We are excited to share our plans in the next few blog posts!

P.S - We now have snapchat. This is an app where you can take videos and photos and send them to your friends. Our username is below if anyone wants to add us. You can watch videos and see photos from our travels!


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Life on the other side of the world!

overcast 17 °C

To start this blog post, we would just like to say that we missed out a really important story from last weekend. After we all got back from having some drinks on Chapel Street, we arrived home and spotted Tyson on the balcony. Jase was calling for him to come downstairs to greet us at the door but he wouldn't which was really odd. We ended up going up to get him..... and it turns out he had been locked out on the balcony for god knows how long! Maybe hours! Poor Tyson!

So last Monday Ben started on a new charity. He was doing so well on ACF but it was time to take on bush heritage and vision. Ben went on a trip over to bush heritage and learnt a load more facts which I am sure will pop in conversation some time soon. He also grabs loads of free goodies for Anna like a tote bag and pen woo! Whilst Ben was having this exciting day, Anna went with Jase (house mate) to an abandoned warehouse. She was tagging along to a photoshoot with a photographer called Cory and a model called Vicky. Jase owns a clothing brand called Brick City Villin and wants us to get involved with shoots and logo designs etc. Anna took lots of behind the scenes photos and videos and even had a little go of shooting herself. **Warning** Models bum is out rather a lot as apparently this sells clothing....
So it turns out Vicky is actually a stripper so that was a first for Anna to experience!

On Tuesday, we decided to take Tyson on a walk to drop Ben off at the tram stop. This confused Tyson a lot as he clearly didn't anticipate us leaving Ben and walking back without him. Anna finally managed to pull him away and got home safe. Anna then received a phone call from where Ben works for an over the phone interview. It all went smoothly until Bonnie realised that Ben and I were a couple. She then seemed very concerned by this news and asked questions like 'who's idea was it for you to work here'. Despite the odd questions and the doubt, Bonnie still asked Anna to come in for a group interview on Thursday. We both didn't have a very good Tuesday as Ben was on vision which is a charity for blind people. He was constantly calling people who were either abusive or didn't even speak English. Anna was constantly fighting with her Mac which likes to restart all by itself! When Ben got home, he mentioned that Bonnie also went up to him and asked him loads of weird questions. Turns out they do not like having couples working for them and they have some sort of policy. This confused us as to why Anna was still asked in for the interview.

On Wednesday we started our day by push starting Jason's car! He had left the radio on so the battery died. This resulted in the four of us pushing it down a hill until we got it going. Ben was not pleased when he arrived at work as he found out he was on vision yet again. He might as well be cold calling for this charity as they have not paid for very good leads. Everyone he calls doesn't want to talk to him. Whereas on ACF, everyone they call knows a bit about the charity and most want to donate. Anna managed to finish her videos which was a huge relief as she had the interview the next day. Anna went to the petrol station to fill up the car ready for the weekend. She has no money in her OZ account and so wanted to withdraw from her UK account. The ATM was out of service and so she ended up paying on her UK card which is not handy as it costs a lot to do. Well, what a nightmare she caused in the petrol station. Over in oz, all card machines ask you if you want to pay using your credit, cheque or savings account. We don't have this in the UK but normally we just press cheque and it works fine, well not on this card machine! After causing a huge queue and getting her card declined twice already, she finally paid for the fuel by pressing 'credit'. Drama! This then happened again over in Woolworths. Its funny how people treat you when your card gets declined!

On Thursday, Anna had the interview. It went well and Anna was feeling positive. There were 14 of us and 7 got it and 7 didn't. Anna did not get the job along with really shy people, people who didn't speak very good english and people who were swearing and were quite arrogant. Anna was quite offended and prayed that the reason she didn't get the job was because of the whole couple thing. Anna emailed Bonnie to ask but never got a reply. Let's hope its the couples thing or it turns out Anna isn's as normal as she thought she was! Anna went home in a mood and worked on the video for Jase. Ben had another boring day on vision and bush heritage upgrades. Bush heritage upgrades are completely new to the company. Anna decided to go pick up Ben as she had a bad day and just wanted him home. Just as she pulled up to his work place, she nearly hit a cyclist who decided to undertake her as she pulled into a space. What was more scary was that her seatbelt pinged off and she nearly hit the window. We have since tested the seat belt and it's fine so don't worry guys!

On Friday Anna went to the doctors and spent around 70 pounds on a prescription and an appointment. This came as a shock as back at home, you get free everything when you live in Wales! Anna then went to Aldi to browse the health and beauty section but they didn't sell what she wanted and so she left the shop empty handed. Turns out Aldi check anyones bag who leaves without buying anything so this was another embarrassing store moment to add to the week! She then headed to the mall and nearly face planted the floor after tripping over her own feet.. it is not a good week! Ben had a bad week in terms of targets. As he was on vision which was practically cold calling and bush heritage which was new for the company and so he didn't get many sales. Chris, his team leader, told him not to worry as they know how good he is, it's just a bad week.

During the week, we received and email from John (Ben's step mums brother) saying that we had mail from city link. Anna called them to ask what it was as it would be a few days before we got the letter. It turns out it is a fine from driving on toll roads without an Etag. We did not know we were even driving on a toll road so this worried us!

On Saturday, we woke up and got straight on the laptop to book Phillip island tickets. We tried twice but the website kept saying the transaction hadn't gone through which was odd as there was money on the card. We decided to watch a disney movie whilst we ate breakfast before showering and getting ready for the day. We got in the car and drove to the end of the street and BAM.Traffic. This put an extra 45 mins onto our 2 hour journey. What also added to the journey was trying to avoid the toll road. We ended up back on it though so there goes another fine! We have now downloaded a new sat nav app on our phones which is set to avoid toll roads. We don't want a tag or an account as this will end up costing us a lot of money. Anyway, we finally arrived on Phillip island and headed to the Koala bear sanctuary. Ben went to buy the tickets and it turns out their website broke and Ben actually bought the tickets twice already. He will receive a refund and we were actually lucky we didn't keep trying to process the transaction as some people got charged around 11 times! Turns out these bears are really boring but they take cute photos!


Ben being a nature ninja, spotted a wallaby and a porcupine in the bushes!


So now was time for the most exciting part of our week... seeing the penguin parade! We turned up at the car park and couldn't even find a space it was packed! We were so overwhelmed as this was such a different experience to turtle island in Borneo. We cut the queue as we already had our tickets and headed straight to the canteen as we were starving. We got some pretty average food and headed across the boardwalk to the beach to get good seats. We were attacked by flies whilst we waited but we watched a lovely sunset. As the stars came out, so did the penguins. It was amazing seeing them all come out of the sea and waddle across the sand in groups. They are the smallest penguins and the rangers counted 881 of them! They all run across the beach as fast as they can so they can get to their burrows to rest, breed and malt. You weren't allowed to take any photos at all and we were getting really annoyed with people who ignored this rule and continued to photograph and video the penguins. We learnt a lot of facts as we downloaded the app whilst we watched them. We also spoke to a few rangers. Apart from other people, we had a really lovely night and it was such an amazing experience, ben even got a keyring to match Anna's Koala bear!


On Sunday we did our usual food shop and spent the rest of the day relaxing. Ben did some drawings and Anna looked over her CV to see how she could improve it. Turns out Anna is very punctuation so no wonder she can't get a job! Luckily she hardly sent out any before she realised this mistake!

Yesterday Anna spent the day handing out cvs and editing images for her new improved website:
Ben had a more positive day and although he didn't hit his target, he still managed to get a lot of sales.

Tonight we are going to go to a concert. We are going to see Jess Glynn and Rudimental and Anna is very excited :-)

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