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Last weekend we started it by making some pancakes!


We then headed out to the National Gallery of Victoria where an Andy Warhol exhibition was being held. After finally finding somewhere to park we headed inside to find that it was absolutely crammed with people and also a total unorganised mess. Anna had to store her backpack in the lockers so we queued for a while to hand it in. We then discovered there were huge queues for the ticket office and to enter the exhibition. So we picked a great weekend to attend... the last weekend it was showing. We asked how long it went on for and discovered it was open until 10pm and so we made the executive decision to come back later. We queued again to get Anna's bag back and headed to the car where luckily it was free parking. We then decided to go to St Kilda which is a cool little suburb in Melbourne. We really liked it here apart from all the parking was a rip off! We walked around the town which was full of quirky shops and restaurants. There was also some cool street art and loads of people exercising in the park and playing basketball etc. We thought this would be an ideal place to live as its right by the beach too.. it pretty much has everything! But we like our house over in Maribyrnong and we couldn't abandon Tyson! We took a nice stroll along the beach and came across Luna Park, a little fair ground ride which they also had in Sydney. Down the road a few miles, we stopped at Brighton beach which is where all the famous coloured huts are.... its like Abersoch but nicer!


By this time the sun was setting and so it was time to head back to the exhibition and pray for smaller queues. Luckily for us, there were no queues and the whole event seem to be way more organised at night. Surprisingly we had a really good night out and were pleasantly surprised when we also got to watch some live music. The performer was Robert Forster from the Go-Betweens.


We left the exhibition at around 10pm. On the way home, we pulled over to use an ATM so we could pay the rent for the week and we happened to stroll into a dominoes. Pizza was just what we needed and it was also an amazing cheap price. Pizza is another thing which is half the price compared to the UK. We headed back to the house to eat our pizza whilst we watched the start of loads of rubbish films. Since we couldn't find a good film to watch all the way through, we went to bed.

The next day was a day full of shopping which seems to be our usual Sunday. We went to Aldi to do the food shop. Every week it comes to 50 pounds (I don't have a pound sign on my new mac). 50 pounds for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week is pretty amazing and so hopefully saving up will be a breeze! After Aldi we have to highpoint to get the bits we can never find in Aldi. Because we go to Highpoint shopping centre to get extra food bits, we somehow manage to walk past lots of clothing shops and add to our collection of limited outfits. When we finally returned home with all our bags, we made some burgers before heading to the cinema to watch the new Jungle Book. Ben loved this film even though they ran out sweet popcorn!

The next day it was Anzac Day (Bank holiday Monday). We started off the day by being very productive. Ben started a drawing and Anna baked some muffins for her new GF blog. There was a big AFL game on which we really wanted to watch as we were told Australians in VIC get really into their Oz rules football. We decided to head down to the pub (which we found by googleing 'best place to watch Oz rules football in Melbourne'). On our way to the pub we expected to see lots of drunk people in shirts for the opposing teams all down Chapel street. We didn't see any of this and the football didn't seem to be showing anywhere! This surprised us as the day before (when we were in a shop obviously) a guy told us of the tradition where they all wake up at 6am and have to drink 9 pints by 12pm! When we got to the pub, after getting a bit lost, there was quite a lively atmosphere. We ordered some drinks and as it was such a nice day we decided we really wanted to sit outside. The pub was that rammed that we ended up sitting at the bar. So it turns out OZ rules football is like a mix of all ball games ever invented and we found it that confusing that we actually had to google the rules half way through the game. We didn't stay for the whole game and so headed back home to enjoy a relaxing evening in.

On Tuesday, Ben got offered the job of being a team leader. He has been doing amazing in his new job by smashing his targets on a daily basis. The management team have been really impressed with his natural talent and humorous personality. Ben had a really great day. On the way home he was sat on the tram texting Anna about his great day. He noticed a large man getting on the Tram and sitting a row or two in front. Mid text he noticed the large man run off the tram. This was weird and so Ben looked up to see what was going on. It turns out that the lady sat opposite him got her phone stolen. Ben asked the tram driver to stop and told him what happened, Ben was wondering if there was CCTV or anything. The tram driver simply replied 'was it an African?... Yeah they are all doing it. There is a police station over there tell the woman to report it'. As the tram driver wasn't much help at all, Ben very kindly offered to help the lady by taking her to the police station and offering to be a witness. The lady declined the help and so Ben passed over his phone number. That night, Ben received a phone call from the police where he issued a statement which wasn't all that detailed. It went along the lines of 'he was really big, really black and was wearing all black'.

The following day we were running a few minutes late. As we pulled up to the tram stop, a tram was just leaving and Ben insisted that we follow it even though Anna was sure that there would be another tram along soon. Anna raced down the road after this tram for a good few blocks weaving in and out of traffic. We finally caught up to it and Ben hopped on. On the way back to the house, Anna saw two other trams pass.....

On Thursday, Ben managed to meet up with his cousin Sarah before she left to fly back home. They went for a walk around the block near his work and had a good catch up since it would be a while before they saw each other again!

On Friday night, Ben's work friend told him about this art and music event he was attending that evening. Ben said it sounded cool and so Anna fancied going too. After eating tea we headed to Collingwood to a pub where the event was being held. We expected to see live art and live music. We paid $12 each to get in and lets just say we were deeply disappointed. The live art was just random sculptures and drawings around the place and the live music was ok... but we didn't stay very long!

Anna doesn't really have any interesting stories about the week but she did make another batch of muffins and got half way through the video editing!

Saturday morning was a glorious day and so we decided to take Tyson for a walk. He is so strong and so Ben did most of the lead holding. He was really well behaved though and so we hope to take him on lots more walks. We got back, changed and showered and headed into the city as we wanted to do a street art hunt. We didn't get far before we ended up shopping again! First we had a really nice lunch and found that Chapel street is quite cheap for eating out... we are slowly learning! Anna is all shopped out now and has all the winter necessities but Ben still has a few things on his list to get. We managed to find two of the most famous streets in Melbourne...


We went back to the house and dressed up all pretty. Tonight we planned to go out with Jason and his friend but first we wanted to have a nice dinner just the two of us. Jason said we could get a lift back with him and his mate IF his mate was driving. We then decided to order an Uber taxi (prepay) as Jason hadn't told us if his friend was driving or not. We asked Jason how we use the app as we were new to Uber. Jason helped us book the taxi and it arrived just 5 minutes later at the same time as his friend. We got in our taxi and Jase got in with his friend. Jason then got out and asked us why we booked an Uber when we could of just got a lift with them as we were going to the same place (even though he just helped us book the bloody taxi!). The driver found this situation very amusing but we just assured him that this was typical Jason antics! We agreed to pay the driver ten dollars for the trouble and managed to cancel the ride on the app which charged us six dollars. So basically we paid 8 pounds to sit in this mans car for five minutes. Fantastic start to the evening I know. We watched a documentary the other night which was called Cowspiracy. This documentary outlined that it was in fact producing meat on an industrial scale is one of the main reasons for climate change, pollution and basically the world ended. This inspired us to be more conscious about how we ate meat. We are actually wanting to try some vegan food too! Anyway the point of this story is to tell you that we had planned to have a meal in a Paleo restaurant. We walked down to it and it was bloody closed!! So we walked up the street and came across a Spanish tapas bar. This meal was amazing and great value for money. After dinner we met with Jase and his friend for some drinks. On the way home we received a guided tour and we have found a cool little street for us to try next weekend!

During the night, there was a huge thunderstorm! We could still see the lightening with both our eyes and the blinds closed! The thunder and rain were so loud and the wind shook the whole house. We are surprised our car was still there!
Tyson likes to barge into our room every single morning and wake us up. This morning we put a bag behind the door which still didn't stop him. We need to think of a new idea!

Today we did our Aldi shop as per and headed to highpoint for the extra food bits. Anna is going to try some vegan recipes this week! Ben also bought some new shoes.. we just can't help ourselves can we! We had some other errands to run which included buying some packaging as Anna's polaroid camera which Ben got her for her birthday has broken :( We have to send it to Japan and they will fix or send a new one which is good of them since our warranty is back in England! When we got back, Ben did some more drawing. He has been playing with logo ideas for Jason's new business.. it's all creative in this house hold!

Anna intends to finish the videos this week and apply for some jobs. She is looking forward to getting out the house. Honestly she has turned into Jamie bloody Oliver with Ben working so late! Ben is off evaluation now and so he feels less stress towards work. He is also on a couple of dollars extra now and was the only one out of his group to get through evaluation! Well done to Ben :-)

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Please press the link to see the video. I would upload it directly to the blog but its HUGE and also 16 minutes long. We hope you enjoy!

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The weekend

sunny 24 °C

On Saturday, we had a much needed lie in after a rather stressful week. We then decided to go to High Point, which is one of Australia's biggest shopping centres. High Point is about a 4 minute drive from our house. It is absolutely huge and full of shops and restaurants. I think a lot of weekends will be spent in here! However today wasn't a day of eating or mooching around the shops, we went to get some much needed necessities for our new house share.
When we returned to the house, we decided it would be a good idea to get the tram so Ben could practice getting it into work before Monday. We headed to our nearest tram stop. We then discovered that you needed a card as the trams don't accept cash. We knew this already from Sydney but we just didn't think! We went into the garage across the road to see if they sold the cards we needed. They didn't and were no very useful when it came to telling us where we could get the cards from. We decided to walk back to High Point. After a few laps of the mall we found a newsagents, got the cards and topped them up. We also downloaded an app which told us when the tram would arrive and of course, which one to get. We walked to the tram stop, a different one a bit further away, and by this time it was 3pm going on 4pm. Ben googled the market he wanted to go to on his phone and discovered it was in fact an hour away and we were starving by this time. We also wanted to meet Ben's cousin and so decided instead we would go to the Victoria markets. We hopped on the tram and researched where the market was exactly. Turns out, this market closed at 3pm! No markets for us today. Ben gave Sarah, his cousin, a call and as we went in later than expected, we unfortunately missed her as she was just leaving. We didn't really know what to do with ourselves...
We got off the tram in the centre and went for a wander. We found a rooftop cinema and so climbed 7 floors to check it out. When we got up there, it was taken over by the rooftop bar filled with heaters as it was so cold that day (17 degrees). We went back downstairs and carried on walking round town. We ended up in China Town...


We then enjoyed a five course meal which we actually couldn't finish and so decided to get a doggy bag. After the meal we got Anna keyring...


We then headed back home to watch a film in bed.

On Sunday we were up early to make the most of the day (and make up for yesterday). We went to Aldi and did a full weeks shop for breakfast lunch and dinner which came to just shy of $100. This is what our five course meal came to the previous night. We have decided the best way to save is to only eat out once a week... I am sure you can see why. We headed to Coles to get the gluten free bits and bobs and then headed on to the Queen Victoria markets. We actually made it this time! We enjoyed some street food, music and a good luck around the markets although we didn't find anything we wanted to buy.


We then went back to High Point. We are a bit short of clothes, especially ones to work in, and so it was time to splash out on a new wardrobe. Ben treated himself to some shirts and trousers and now looks presentable at work ;-)


All the shops closed at around 5-6pm and so we went home and cooked our left over Chinese which we combined with our left over steak from Friday night! Mmmm :-)
We bonded with our new house mate Jason by watching a programme on Netflix about Pitbulls which are banned in the UK and actually get put down when found by police. It was actually a really sad programme and we ended up having a massive rant about how it isn't the poor dogs fault! Off to bed we went.

Monday morning we were up early to meet with Sarah, Ben's cousin. We met at Time Out cafe where we previously met Anna's friend Anna. Unfortunately this time, the food was no way near as good which also matched the terrible service. We still had a lovely time catching up with Sarah.


Ben went to work at 12 and Anna headed home to work on the travel video (coming very soon).


Ben did very well in work and managed to get two donations! He needs to get five more this week to keep his job, lets all pray for Ben!

Other news is that Jason, our house mate, owns his own clothing brand. We showed him our work and he loves it. He wants to do a photoshoot with us in Melbourne's jail where Ned Kelly was hung! We are looking forward to working together!

We will be posting on the blog a lot less now, perhaps just once a week as we are both working and that doesn't get very interesting! We will post more frequently in around 3 months when we are back on the road exploring the rest of Oz!

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The search continued...

sunny 25 °C

Today, we had three viewings. The level of excitement increased with each viewing. Our first stop was Pascal's house. We found it easily and arrived early which was lucky because when we pulled up, ben received a phone call... A phone interview! He spent the next ten minutes very nervously answering rediculous questions such as 'What motivates you?'. His phone call was a success as they invited him into the office the next day.
Pascal was waiting for us in the doorway. We went inside and the first thing that hit us was the smell of cigarettes. It was such a shame as the house was really nice, and Pascal was so cool! As we looked around he told us that the bills were not included which would mean the house would of been slightly out of our budget. He was also looking for a tenant until the end of August where as we plan to stay for around three months. We really liked the house and Pascal, so we left it open and continued on to the other viewings.
We then had a bit of time to kill and so we decided to hit the shops... well basically Anna wanted to go to H&M. We found a HUGE one about ten minutes away and had some fun parking near to it. Anna was in her element and purchased a few Australian necessities whilst Ben followed her around.
We then headed to 270 King street. Well... where do we begin. 270 King street is right in the centre of Melbourne city. Apart from the parking.. things were looking good. We headed into the building and got into the lift and pressed floor 15, the top floor. We pressed it several times and it wouldn't light up. Turns out you had to press your flat button outside the lift to stop anyone going up. Luckily a man was getting off at floor ten so he said we can get off with him and take the stairs. We arrived at the flat panting and extremely out of breath. We knocked on the door and there was no answer although we could hear people inside. As we were waiting two girls showed up who were also viewing the flat. After knocking again, all four of us went inside. I will stop calling it a flat now and I will call it a squat. We were horrified by what we saw. A tiny double bedroom with no windows, someone sleeping in the living room with curtains up, three grown men sharing a room and two other people in another room. There were 2 toilets but 8 people in a flat share, that is rediculous and totally illegal. The place was a tip and we soon ran out of there without saying a word. Pascals smelly house was looking like an option after all.
We decided it was time for lunch and headed to a food court near by. We enjoyed jacket potatoes stuffed with all sorts. We are telling you what we ate for lunch because their portions are HUGE!!!
We then headed out of town to our next viewing. Driving in the city is really quite a challenge. You have to give way to trams at all times, and if you delay them you can be fined. Also, to turn right, you have to be in the left lane!
The next viewing was actually where Anna's friend Anna had just moved out of. Her room was up for grabs and so we decided it was worth taking a look. We arrived early again and so hung around outside. The outside of house didn't look anything special so we were hoping the inside was better. The landlord showed up to let us in and she was crazy. She spoke so quick that we barley understood her. She was lovely though and proceeded to show us around. This was a big house and there would be 6 people sharing it. There were three bathrooms and everything you could ask for. The only downside was the place was a mess. All the last tenants seem to have left anything they didn't want which has all built up over the years and so now there is just crap everywhere. After a long chat to Rochelle about why English people are so skinny.... (so only healthy ones must go travelling.. she would have a shock visiting the UK) we headed back to the hostel to decide. We had to decided today as we had already spent 3/4 nights in the hostel and we didn't want to stay again and spend the money on it. We also wanted to get settled as Ben could potentially have a job and Anna needed to start her video editing job from back home.
We made a pro and con list of each house, which didn't help at all. Ben preferred Pascal's and Anna preferred Anna's. We then talked each other out of each others preference and then we ended up hating both. We went back onto flatmates.com to see if there were any more that took our fancy. We thought if we view them that night or even the morning we may be able to move in right away. We couldn't find any however there was one on 'earlybird' that took our fancy. It looked amazing! We decided it was worth paying $20 to upgrade to earlybird and view this house. All our hopes were set on it. We texted, called and messaged the landlords in our desperate attempt to view the room ASAP. We had no reply and so we went to Coles to get some food.
When we got back to the hostel, we cooked and started to get ready for bed. We heard Anna's phone and both darted to it to see what it was, it was facebook. A few minutes later, it buzzed again, but this time it was our dream house landlords! We quickly scheduled a viewing time. Only Anna would be viewing it though as Ben had his interview. We booked another (and hopefully final) night in the hostel.

Anna drove a nervous Ben to his interview at 11am.


He arrived early and sat down in a room full of chairs for a group interview!!! After the room filled up and a few nervous jokes from Ben, everyone settled in. Everyone had to tell the others their name and one piece of evidence that would make them ideal for the job (Fundraising over the phone). Practically everyone had years of sales, fundraising, telecommunications or front of house experience. Apart from Ben. This did not put him off however and he used the work he had done with Anna for rucksacks for refugees as his piece of evidence. This seemed to satisfy so it was on to the next section of the interview... role playing! Uh oh.

We were all assigned random occupations and told that the world was ending but luckily Bonnie (the lady running the interview) had a spaceship! That is pretty lucky considering the circumstances don't you think? Anyway, this spaceship only had 15 seats. There were 16 of us!!! We now had to stand in front of the group and explain why we deserved a spot on the space ship. Ben's "performance" was a bit of a blur but he was sure he had ruined any chances of securing a job. It was time for the decision to be made. Bonnie and Chris (The phones manager) left the room telling us they would be 10 minutes. 25 agonising minutes later, they returned and announced they would be reading out the successful applicants names. If your name was not read out you would have to leave...

Ben's name was read out!!! He felt incredibly relieved! And then incredibly awkward as those whose name had not been read out had to collect their things and leave. After a lunch break and calling Anna with the good news it was time to crack on with training. I wont bore you with all the details but if you would like to know a little bit about the charity I will be working for check out www.acfonline.org.au especially the coal mining in Queensland and the effects on the great barrier reef.

On to Anna's day...
After Anna dropped off Ben, she had to drive on her own in Australia for the very first time. She was also very nervous. She arrived at the MANSION after about 25 minutes.


She arrived 15 min early but was too excited to wait in the car and so rang the door bell. Rachel let her in and the house was just as amazing inside as it was out. Jason came downstairs and they both provided a full tour of their amazing house. They were a really nice Australian couple and it was the best house we had seen, well Anna had seen. It was massive and only four would be sharing. They also had the cutest dog which Anna knew would be Ben's knew best friend. The rent was our budget all bills included. The only catch was that they also wanted someone until August. Anna left feeling a bit saddened by this but they said they would contact her on the weekend so fingers crossed.
She headed back to the hostel but first sat in a ton of traffic. It took ages to get back, and just before she arrived Ben called her. She was praying he got the job so she didn't have to go pick him up! Hehe! He told her the great news so she spent the rest of the day on her new Mac getting a lot of things done! A few hours into this, Rachel and Jason called!!! They said they were happy to have us. This was AMAZING news. No more hostel for us! Anna called Ben in amazing time as he was on a break and told him the great news... even though he hadn't seen the house.
Anna collected Ben from work and we had sausage sandwiches as a celebratory tea with limited kitchen equipment. We also rehearsed Ben's script and actually rewrote it so that it suited the British accent. Pretty awesome stuff right?! Urgh cheesy!

The following day, it was Ben's first day and moving day for Anna. It has been a very stressful few days and we have been full of nerves. Ben will tell you about his day, but first Anna's.. it wasn't terribly exciting, she had to lug all the stuff into and out of the car and up and down the stairs. She unpacked everything and made the room a home ready for when Ben came home.


She did all the washing which was in desperate need as we had no clean clothes at all. Anna spent the rest day playing with the dog and again on her Mac. She did socialise with the new land lords also of course.

Ben's day wasn't short of stress or nerves either. Despite being "just a job to pay for travelling" it is still quite an overwhelming experience being given one evening to memorise an entire script and then use it the next day to try and get strangers to donate to what is actually a very good cause. After a very brief introduction we were given our desks and let lose on the unsuspecting pensioners of Australia. It was extremely nerve racking but it had to be done. Towards the end of the day he was actually getting quite good. He didn't make any sales but came very close a couple of times and has 4 call backs so fingers crossed. The rest of the team are really cool and laid back and have been very kind and supportive. The highlight of the day however was an Australian who listened to the entire script then decided that the real problem was the Lebanese and worked himself up into such a frenzy of racist slurs and swearing he wore himself out and couldn't continue the conversation any longer. Despite Ben doing his best to remind him that he was calling on behalf of a conservation foundation.

Anna collected Ben from work and we headed to our local Aldi. We scanned the isle for normal sized steaks but apparently over here a HUGE four pack is a normal size. So we just had to buy a pack! Ben also got some beers, celebratory dinner in a real kitchen! Ben then drove us to our home which we were all moved into but he hadn't even seen it yet! We arrived and he met Jason and Rachel whilst Anna carried in the Beers, the loo roll and the steaks all in one go.. as if she didn't do enough carrying today! Jason and Rachel were on their way out to dinner and so we had the house to ourselves. Anna gave Ben the grand tour and he loved it thank god. Although Anna had to shout at him for playing with the dog when she wanted all of his attention to show him where everything was!
We spent the evening watching Netflix, eating steak and drinking beer. And playing with the dog! Their TV is insane its literally like Kevin Spacey is right there in front of us!
We were all chilled out and relaxed and all of a sudden Tyson went absolutely mental and ran outside into the bush. Although he is insanely cute, we witnessed him being an amazing guard dog. We all headed up to bed.
We let Tyson sleep at the end of our bed with the door cracked open so he could still greet Rachel and Jason when they got in. We were just drifting off and Tyson jumped on our bed! We made him get off which was a mistake as yet again he went mad running around the house. Luckily Rachel and Jason came home and so we managed to get some sleep just two in the bed.

Whilst we were writing our blog.... Tyson farted...


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She's an old rocket!

sunny 25 °C

We woke up at around 10am after a rough nights sleep. About ten minutes later... there was a knock knock on our door. Turns out, check out was at 10am! We quickly threw everything in the boot of our car and emptied the caravan. We then checked out to avoid any unwanted charges and headed to the bathrooms to get showered and changed. Anna went in the female ones this time!
We then set off on our road trip to Eden. We were mainly stopping here because we had to make sure we got an MOT done on the car in New South Wales. We had to wait for Monday so everything was open. We stopped a few times on the way to Eden, our first stop was for a pleasant picnic here...


Our next stop was at a deserted beach...


When we got back on the road, we were on high alert for kangaroo and kuala bears. There are signs every so often suggesting popular sightings for these animals.
We also decided to hang our elephant key rings on the rear view mirror 'to make it our own' :-) ...


Unfortunately, we didn't spot any live kangaroo, there is a lot of road kill over here. Ben has decided the equivalent of hitting a kangaroo would be to hit a deer.
Another eventful story of the journey would be that Anna finally managed to withdraw some money, unfortunately, no way near enough.
We arrived in Eden safe. We then proceeded our usual hotel hunt. We found one on booking.com and pulled in to the car park. Excuse the French, it looked so shit and so we quickly proceeded to hotel or shall I say motel number two. We pulled up and no one was at the reception. No one answered to the bell and so Ben called the phone number on the door. Again no one answered and so we took a sign from God and moved on. Just as well as Anna informed Ben of the scary hillbilly couple that were sat staring at us. Hotel number three was the magic number. It actually was not a hotel it was in fact another caravan park. But this time, we stayed in a fully furnished cabin and had kangaroos in our lawn.


We then decided to go to Coles (an Australian supermarket we will probably mention a lot throughout the blog as its bloody awesome) to get the evenings meal. We hunted down some GF tortillas and so that meant FAJITAS! We actually ended up doing a huge shop getting all the much necessities for a year down under such as posh shower gel for Ben and every hair accessory under the sun for Anna, and a nail file. After buying half the shop for fifty pounds, we proceeded to the cabin and enjoyed some fajitas and of course Ben enjoyed a much needed beer. We then went to reception and rented a film, made some hot chocolates and watched Madagascar three.


We actually made check out at 10am. We drove up the road to a garage we found to have the MOT done. The car was booked in for 11 and we were hoping if we showed up an hour early he would fit us in. Unfortunately, he didn't and so we went shopping instead. We ended up buying a picnic blanket as we were having so many picnics on our road trips.


At 11am, we headed back to the garage. Unfortunately yet again, after a twenty minute 'test', the car had failed its MOT (or pink slip as it is known over here). We needed to get two new tyres, a new headlight and pedal covers for the clutch and break. The headlight only cost a fiver and so Ben changed it right then and there. The other parts however, were much more difficult to hunt down. We drove down the hill to a parts shop and scavenged through her box of pedal covers but we had no luck. We then proceeded to a tyre shop which had no tyres for us as apparently Sheila had funny sized wheels. Pedal shop number two resulted in one pedal which we purchased. They reserved for us pedal number two in shop number three in town number two (Pambula). We collected pedal number two and so it was just the tyres left to fix. We headed to tyre shop number two which had the tyres but no men to fit them as the guy was working alone as well as looking after his daughter. So we decided to head to tyre shop number three. This had no tyres for us but plenty of men. We went back to tyre shop number two and bought the tyres. Luckily they were only forty pounds each. We then decided that we best go back to Eden to see if tyre shop number one would fit them. Tyre shop number three said they could but not until late and we wanted to get to Melbourne. Tyre shop 1 was closed for lunch and so we decided to have our lunch too... on our new picnic blanket! We ate our lunch at Eden point look out which was stunning. You can also whale watch there but we weren't in the right season.
At 2pm we headed back to tyre shop 1 where luckily the man agreed to fit them then and there at a cost of twenty pounds... SOLD. It took him around twenty minutes to do which was not worth the money but oh well! So it was time to head back to redo the MOT. I hope we portrayed the confusion and madness of our day so far through our writing technique.
Back at the garage, Dick (yeah his name was actually Dick) checked over all our new parts. He then went off to fill in our passed paper work and so Ben and I decided to have a celebratory ice lolly. Dick came out with our passed papers saying 'She's a right old rocket'.
But it wasn't over yet... we headed back down the same old road to the insurance shop. We had to buy compulsory third party car insurance (the green slip as its known over here). This was a shocking three hundred and fifty pounds. We were expecting it to cost half that. But any how, we paid it and moved on to the car register office. We had to rush there though as it took all day to get all of the parts and the office closed at 4pm. We arrived at twenty too and successfully registered the car, so it is definitely and legally ours until we sell it in January in Sydney!

Finally we were on our way to Melbourne. We saw even more dead kangaroos and even possum. The drive took 7 hours, Ben did half and Anna did the other. Whilst Ben was having a power nap, Anna witnessed the most amazing sunset but unfortunately didn't capture it on camera. We worked out that we have driven all the way from Sydney to Melbourne on just two tanks of fuel, which in total, cost us only fifty pounds. I think driving the East Coast will be a bargain. At half time, we pulled over to have left over fajitas and Ben took a pee in a bush but we won't go into that...
We arrived in Melbourne at around 10.30pm. We found a pretty cheap hostel which met our requirements such as a kitchen to cook our own food as eating out costs a small fortune. We booked it for three nights as we hope to find a flat real soon!

Today, we woke up at 9.30am and then realised we better hurry up and get ready as we had to pay for the next two nights before 10.30am. We also wanted to meet Anna's friend at 11am. We went to the ATM, withdrew the money and paid the crazy kiwi at the reception desk. He kept us talking about Britain leaving the EU for that long we almost didn't make it to see Anna, Anna's friend. We drove into the CBD (central business district) which was rather stressful and parking was a bloody nightmare. We finally managed to find a spot but didn't have enough change. Ben apparently just had to buy a Subway cookie to get the change whilst Anna waited by the car as there was passing policemen and ticket wardens. After we worked out how the meter worked, we walked very fast to our place of lunch. We arrived, late as usual these days, and had a lovely brunch with Anna's friend Anna.
Afterwards, we headed back to the hostel to do some much needed admin. Using our phones and the iPad, we hunted for flats, jobs and a mac for Anna. We then walked to the internet cafe to print off a load of CV's for Benny boy. Anna received a message back from someone selling their mac and so we decided to drive to go check it out. We met Carlos outside the house of parliament where a news crew were recording whilst we were doing dodgy deals in the background. Carlos was both creepy and cute. He kept making jokes about how he only used the macbook for the internet and how the mac really needed a clean... Anna just couldn't wait to buy it... and then she did... EW. But of course, before the sale came to a close, Ben used his amazing haggling skills and saved her a big $70. We headed back to the hostel to clean the mac with lots of baby wipes!!!


From there we used the mac to do our admin. We had some replies on the flats and Ben prepared his CV as Anna's friend Anna managed to get him an interview where she worked.
At 7pm we headed to our first flat viewing.
We arrived on Stewart street at 7.30pm (bang on time), but could not find the house to save our lives. We called Las several times but due to his lack of communication skills, we walked up and down the street a few times until we found the house which was intact on Patrick street, but as its 'behind' number 25, apparently it's on Stewart street. The house was awesome. It even had a samsung door handle where you use your finger print to open the door. The only downsides are that theres no furniture in the room and house share is actually us and two other girls living in a family home.
We headed to Coles to get dinner for the evening. We cooked it in the hostel kitchen in the nick of time (as it closed at 9pm).


Now its time for bed so wish us luck for tomorrow, another day of house and job hunting.

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